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Do you think that Servants of the Shrub would ruin your immersion?

Greetings fellow SWG fans...

I discovered your group journal a couple of days ago after I created a group journal, of_the_shrub, representing the PA I belong to, Servants of the Shrub.

I noticed that this group journal is very RPG oriented, and I want to ask your opinion on something.

We did this post on the PA forums at Station, and we received an angry letter about our PA in reply...

"You guys seem like a nice group of people. I hope you have the decency to keep your "Shrubism" to yourselves when you're in the game world. The feeling of immersion into the Star Wars universe is important to a great many players, and this sort PA could easily yank them all back to reality.
Servants of the shrub that was a digital glitch in the beta, is as out of character a PA concept as can imagined. That is fine if it's your play-style, as long as it does not adversely impact other players. You might as well make your PA the "Barney the Purple Dinosaur's School of Dance". Do you see how PAs like this can destroy the feel of the Star Wars universe?

Your entire PA is on par with individual players that go about with names like "PizzaDood" or "IB UrDaddy". SOS will be far more offensive than a single player of this type, it's an entire guild dedicated to something that is completely out of character.

You guys are very happy with the friends you've made in SOS. That's what's wonderful about a good group of decent people that get together to increase each other's enjoyment of the game. So what's in a name? It's not too late to form this great PA in a way that is faithful to the Star Wars universe.

I know this guild has attracted the very sort of people who think the shrub joke is a wonderful foundation on which to establish their PA. I hope you can see though, that you will be adversely impacting a lot of people.

Have Force Sensitive Sheep formed yet? If not, of course it's only a matter of time since you are encouraging this sort of thing. If nothing can stop you from being out of character with the rest of the game world, maybe you and FSS and other such PA's can all move to the OOCJOKE server? Other players in PAs like "Comedy Central in Space" and "Gankers R'US" are sure to get a laugh out of your groups concept.

I'm sorry if this post seems offensive, but I am in fact offended. It's hard to be tactful when the atmosphere the designers have tried so hard to recreate is under assault even before the game opens up.

There is nothing wrong with having a sense of humor. You guys could easily be a PA of entertainers that specializes in comedy. Of just a regular PA that has a comedy club slant. But that comedy should be in synch with the Star Wars universe, otherwise it's out of character right?

I've visited your webpage and I see that you guys are decent and friendly. I hope you realize that basing your PA concept on a cross between a programming bug and Monty Python is right out. If you are as good willed as you seem, I'm sure you don't want to offend every stranger you meet in SWG who appreciates Star Wars in the faithful sense, not in the "My shwartz is bigger than yours" sense."

Granted, I realize that none of you have been to our site and have seen how we are as a PA, but don't you think this was a harsh response to what we are doing? The later posts by this person are much more hostile than this too. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on this.

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Some people take themselves too seriously.

I think it's funny, and while I'm absolutely pro-RPing, I don't think an *original* joke like this is something to go postal about.
I have a lot more problems with people talking in quotes.

Having said that, I'm not sure how a PA like that will fit in the overall community, but from experience, I'd asy just fine.
Ooh, and I joined your comm, even though I'm not part of your PA (yet...)